Our Team

Guillermo Yanes, Master Garden Designer, is the principal of landscape design operations. Guillermo is a ‘people person’ and loves working with his clients through the entire process of a project, from the initial design phase to the finalization of a project. He has designed many beautiful landscapes for residential and commercial properties in California, Oregon, and Washington State over the past 20 years. He understands the principles of sustainable landscape design and believes in bringing those principles into his clients’ lives to make their world a better place to live. He is certified as a Bay Friendly Landscape Qualified Professional and a member of the California Landscape Contractors Association. Guillermo sees himself as the ally of his clients in every aspect of the project, working hard to make them happy with both the process and the end result.

Guillermo takes great pride in his team, which includes Lisa Austin and team members Maxwell Beaumont, Lino Gomez, and Alberto Jauregui.

Lisa Austin, a California registered civil engineer, assists Guillermo with low impact design (LID) storm water management techniques, drainage issues, and erosion control. She believes that everyone can do their part to improve local water quality and wildlife habitats by implementing sustainable landscape principals into everyday spaces.

Team partner Maxwell Beaumont is the owner and principal of Beaumont + Associates, a small architectural and engineering firm in Emeryville, California. His firm has undertaken various residential projects around the Bay Area since its founding in 1987, and has worked with AY Sustainable Landscape Design on several landscaping projects that required engineering services over the past five years. Maxwell is a California registered architect and works in association with Hendrik Van De Pol, a California registered civil engineer.

Team partner Lino Gomez is the principal at LG Concrete Inc. Lino has worked with AY Sustainable Landscape Design on several large landscaping projects requiring concrete services over the past eight years.

Team Partner Alberto Jauregui is the principal at Architectural Ironworks. Alberto is a master at designing and installing custom iron work and has collaborated with AY Sustainable Landscape Design on several landscaping projects over the past eight years.